Common Rail Or Normal Diesel Injectors & Pump causing you issues?

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Whilst we do carry many injectors for exchange there are a few points to points consider before taking the exchange route.

Injectors can fail for many reasons such as:

  • Fuel contamination (dirty fuel)
  • Damage from particles due to failing fuel pump
  • Engine issues (cylinders overheated)

There are also cases of the injectors being condemned as being faulty and after further investigation the injectors were not a problem. Therefore, GB Diesel Meyerton always advise customers to have their faulty injectors tested before purchasing new or reconditioned injectors, because in some cases there can be a different underlying problem which can, once fitted, affect or damage the new injectors. This may seem more expensive but can actually save you alot of time and money!

Some injectors need not be fully rebuilt or exchanged, some may only require recalibration, high pressure flushing or sonic cleaning.

We can test, repair and overhaul (when possible) virtually all makes / types of diesel injector. This includes:

  • Bosch single stage / double stage
  • CAV single / double stage
  • Denso single / double stage
  • Zexel single / double stage
  • Simms
  • Stanadyne
  • Bosch common rail
  • Delphi common rail
  • Siemens common rail
  • Denso common rail
  • Bosch PD

Please note that due to some injector parts not being available full overhauls are not always possible.

IMG-20160601-WA0006  pumps

Diesel Pumps

Repaired and Reconditioned: Common Rail Diesel Fuel Pumps

Once GB Diesel Meyerton have repaired and/or reconditioned your common rail diesel fuel pump,

you will find that any underlying issues you had have gone and you will also see the following fuel system improvements:

Higher Performance through increased torque at low engine speed

• Lower fuel consumption

• Reduced Noise

• Lower soot emissions

• A Better & Smoother Drive!