Are you TIRED! not knowing what is wrong with your CAR.

Numerous mechanics left you stranded?

You go to the doctor why not take your transport to ONE. TAKE CONTROL

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Modern vehicles are being diagnosed through reading fault codes on your cars computer system.

We pride ourselves on having the latest up to date equipment to effectively diagnose your car on its way to a

healthy, speedily and cost effective recovery.

We diagnose, recommend and repair worn or faulty parts.

We pride ourselves with attention to detail! 


GB Diesel Meyerton know all there is to know about diesel diagnostics!

Diesel fuel injection at this moment in time continues to be at the fore front of the technology explosion.
When the first diesel engines rolled from a production line the only demands made of them was their ability to run on any rubbish you could get in the tank (cooking fat, engine oil) but the fact that presented itself remained their ability to travel for longer on less fuel. Now diesel vehicle owners demand more from their diesel engines they want POWER and PERFORMANCE whilst still retaining colossal economy and less emissions, the once smoky dirty diesel now becomes the quiet, clean, economic miracle and quite commonly now, in some cases, outperforms it’s petrol counterpart.

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